Torlon AI (PAI : Polyamide-imide)

Torlon® AI is a family of soluble polyamide-imides sold in powder form. The polymer is tough, chemically resistant, and thermally stable. It has thermal capability similar to many polyimides, at a lower price. Coatings based on AI polymers have been shown to be cost-effective in electrical/electronic, high-temperature decorative, and corrosion prevention applications.

Torlon® AI is available in water-soluble versions that possess exceptional mechanical, thermal, chemical resistance as well as wear-resistant properties.

Torlon resins are inherently non-flammable, have outstanding electrical properties, and possess enormous temperature stability from cryogenic to 300°C and some grades are FDA compliant.

Key Features
·         Superior chemical resistance
·         Better adhesion in salt water boiling tests
·         Lower viscosity for easier processing
·         Improved scratch resistance
·         Withstands temperatures up to 288ºC


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